COD Policy

1. All COD accounts are required to provide an advance deposit of US$100.00 to be held in their account. This deposit is required prior to release of their first order.

2. Payment for COD shipments is by money order only.“NO COMPANY CHECK”.

3. The account will be called prior to shipment of their order to obtain the account’s approval to ship the merchandise.

The account will be notified of the exact amount of the shipment, which will include merchandise and freight charges.

We will call the account three times to try to obtain approval. Should we not be able to reach you, we will cancel the

order. The account can then reinstate the order by calling or faxing our office or by speaking with our office any one.

4. If an account approves a shipment and is either not there to receive shipment or refuses it when it arrives such that

the shipment is returned to Red and Blue Int’l Inc. We will automatically deduct freight charges from the US$100.00,

customers will be asked to send payment to bring their deposit account back up to the US$100.00 level. Reshipments

or new shipments will not be made unless the deposit account has been reinstated to the US$100.00 level.

5. The account may request return of their deposit at any time provided we do not have orders from them waiting for delivery.

6. If the account’s deposit is returned, and the account wishes to place an order with Red and Blue Int’l Inc. the account must provide the $100.00 deposit again.